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Autowell was established in2010,currently has more than 1000 employees and products are exported to around 24 countries.
As the world's leading provider of intelligent equipment, Autowell is committed to become an excellent representative of Automation Industry in the New Energy Area.
The independent research and development of lithium module, pack intelligent production line and lithium battery appearance inspection equipment have been highly recognized in the industry and received customer praise.

Common problems statistics
(industry focus)
The future performance and quality at a low po
Current in high speed development of new energy automotive industry, according to the current power battery industry increases production, may appear a certain degree of overcapacity situation, in this kingdom
Strong power battery new international of the
In choosing the third party inspection agencies to conduct new gb is strong, the government departments, though not expressly specified power battery enterprises has reached a consensus.
Sectional to system integration Lithium electr
Recently, the ministry of foreign "intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and application of new model 2016 project" of the public, hunan shanshan new energy co., LTD. ", ten thousand tons of high energy density
Facilities such as new energy vehicle charging
177000 vehicles in the first half of this year the new energy vehicle production, sales of 170000 units, year-on-year growth of 125.0% and 126.9% respectively, rapid development momentum, the market prospects, but there are also
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